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Lucia (56)

Jawa Barat


Ms. Lucia, 56 years old, had a severe abdominal pain. The pain she felt was unbearable that day. Soon, her brother took her to the nearest hospital in Bandung. When admitted to the hospital, Ms. Lucia's complained of pain in the abdomen that often occurs. Then, a CT scan procedure was performed t
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By Syahyatul (0)


Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Every mother wants to be able to give birth to a healthy child. It is also felt by Syahyatul's mother. Syahyatul was born in Tangerang. Syahyatul's mother expects her child to be born at a normal time, but fate says otherwise. When the mother of Syahyatul's pregnancy turns 32 weeks old, the baby
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Fasha (11)

Jawa Barat

Tuberculous Meningitis

At teenagers age, people tend to try for new things. Unfortunately, Fasha, 11 years old, suffered from a disease in the days leading up to her teenage years so it's limited her to do such things. A few weeks ago it was known that there was a lump on some parts of Fasha's body. Fasha was diagnosed
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Andika (10)

DKI Jakarta


In the metropolitan city like Jakarta where access to everyday needs is very easy, there are still some people who do not have adequate nutrition. Andika, 10 years old, has suffered from malnutrition. He is very thin and short-heightened due to inadequate nutrition. Andika is a patient with cereb
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Saepul (22)

Jawa Barat

Cedera Kepala Berat, Epidural Hematoma

Obeying traffic regulation always has some benefits for safety. If there is a violation, sometimes our life is at stake. As experienced by Saepul, a worker from West Java. Not as usual, that time he was a passenger of a motorbike ridden by his friend, but he did not wear a helmet. He thought mayb
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Nizam (9)

DKI Jakarta

Auricle Cleft, Trakeomalasia

A few months ago, Nizam, a child of a divorced couple, had a spasm and a seizure with fever. His mother took her to the hospital emergency unit. At that time, doctors diagnosed Nizam experiencing airway obstruction and were suspected of having tracheomalacia. Tracheomalacia is a condition in whic
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Featured Patients from Fundraisers

These fundraisers are supporting patients they care the most

Natasha Rizky bantu kesembuhan Sulthan

DKI Jakarta

Gizi Buruk

Sudah berhari-hari Ibu Lembayung mengurus anaknya yang terkena diare. Ia bingung apa yang terjadi. Rasanya tidak ada makanan yang tidak layak yang diberikan ke anaknya, Sulthan. Namun, keadaan anaknya terlihat memprihatinkan. Badannya kurus kering dan tampak lemas. Segera saja ia mengonsultasik
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Sandra Dewi Bantu Pengobatan Qaiz

DKI Jakarta

Primary Immunodeficiency Disease

Rajin belajar saja ternyata tidak cukup untuk menjadikan seorang anak dapat mencapai masa depan yang dicita-citakannya. Kesehatan merupakan salah satu faktor utama yang memengaruhi performa aktivitas seorang anak. Banyak anak-anak dengan potensi kecerdasan yang baik namun memiliki keterbatasan ak
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Yumna Kemal Bantu Ruth Untuk Sembuh

DKI Jakarta

Glycogen Storage Disease

Tubuh kecil Ruth yang berusia 1 tahun itu terlihat kuning. Perutnya pun terlihat membesar. Tangisan menahan rasa tidak enak terdengar dari balita malang ini. Tubuh Ruth kurus dan berat badannya kurang dari normal. Hal ini bukan tanpa sebab. Ia didiagnosis menderita penyakit kelainan penyimpanan g
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